We are fully


To Help Keep You and Your Pets Safe, We Are:

  • fully vaccinated

  • wearing a mask at all times during each pet sit

  • sanitising our hands before entering your home

  • removing our shoes (our usual custom)

  • wiping down main surfaces we touch with disinfecting wipes upon the final visit

  • following any cleaning/saftey instructions you impart

In Order To Avoid Exposure and Reduce Risk:

  • Myself and my assistant will not be pet sitting if we are ill, whether tested for Covid or not

  • If we fall ill during the course of an assignment, we will enlist the help of another professional sitter or with a backup person of your choosing

  • I will immediately inform you if myself or my assistant falls ill or tests positive for Covid, even if we have already finished the pet sit assignment

  • We ask that all our clients inform us if anyone in their household has been sick or tested positive for Covid within 14 days of the start of any assignment

  • We will not be pet sitting in homes if someone in the household has been ill and does not have a test to rule out Covid, or if someone in the household has had Covid within 14 days of the start of an asssignment

For Utmost Safety:

  • Meetings with new clients are done virtually through Google Duo

  • We follow the CDC health guidelines of mask wearing in public settings, hand washing and social distancing