To Help Keep You and Your Pets Safe, I Am:

  • wearing a mask at all times during each pet sit

  • wearing gloves and/or washing/sanitising my hands before entering your home

  • removing my shoes (my usual custom)

  • wiping down surfaces I touch with disinfecting wipes upon the final visit

  • following any cleaning/saftey instructions you impart

In Order To Avoid Exposure and Reduce Risk:

  • I will not be pet sitting if I feel ill, whether tested for covid or not

  • if I fall ill during the course of an assignment, I will replace myself with another professional sitter or with a backup person of your choosing

  • I will immediately inform you if I fall ill or test positive for covid, even if I have already finished the pet sit assignment

  • I will quarantine for 14 days if I fall ill, whether tested for covid or not

  • I ask all my clients to inform me if anyone in their household has been sick or tested positive for covid within 14 days of the start of any assignment

  • I will not be pet sitting in homes if someone has been ill or has had covid within 14 days of the start of an asssignment

For Utmost Safety, In My "Off Duty" Hours:

  • I follow very strict health guidelines of mask wearing, hand washing and social distancing

  • I wear a medical grade n95 or n99 mask in all public settings

  • I limit my outings to quick errands

  • I do not socialise with anyone indoors

  • I will only talk to others outdoors and 10 feet or more apart, one person only at a time, and wearing a medical grade mask