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About Us
Hi! My name is Heidi Sterling. I am the owner and operator of Kitty Meow Meow In-Home Pet Sitting. I am a caring and loving pet sitter devoted to the happiness and well-being of your pet family when you are away from home. I do the majority of all scheduled pet sits myself (utilising the help of professional and dedicated subs if I am ever unavailable), so that I can build a familiar relationship of trust and affection with your pets. This enables rewarding and long-lasting connections, a joy for all!

The spirit of Kitty Meow Meow In-Home Pet Sitting lies in my life-long respect and love for all animals. In my heart, I have always believed that I was meant to protect and care for the creatures of the earth. My inspiration comes from my three cats, Bastian, Henrietta, and Antoine, as well as the healing and unconditional love from all the special pets I have cared for. I admire and cherish the messages of St. Francis of Assisi and Albert Schweitzer, two great philosophers who held that all living creatures are a testament to the magnificence and sacredness of life.

"I will acknowledge the profound and continual role of animals in my life as angels, teachers and healers. I will repay this special gift by caring for, writing about, and speaking on behalf of animals throughout the course of my life. I will work to heal the relationship between people and animals by fostering an awareness of the sacredness, specialness, and spirituality that is a natural component of the animal kingdom."

-- Pledge of the Faerrie Queenes

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